Spain is the most LGBT friendly nation out of 40 surveyed

A global poll taken on morality by the Pew Research Center has found that among the 40 countries surveyed, Spain tops the list for being the most culturally accepting of homosexuality and other LGBT lifestyles. Surveyed individuals were questioned on whether they found homosexuality to be “morally acceptable”, “morally unacceptable” or “not moral issue”. 55% […]

LGBT groups pull events from Beverly Hills Hotel; cite homophobic owner

The well-known hotel chain Beverly Hills Hotel is coming under fire from LGBT activist groups due to recent international events. The OutGiving Conference, a social event for wealthy donors to LGBT causes run by The Gill Action Fund, was originally slated to take place at a Beverly Hills Hotel venue but was cancelled after news […]

How Ken Mehlman got Obama onboard with gay marriage

Jo Becker’s long awaited historical account on the legal gay marriage is out, and it has certainly proven controversial and splashy. An investigative journalist inserted in top level political sessions concerning the issue, her book “Forcing The Spring” covers the legal and political workings behind the curtain from Prop 8 onwards. A particularly interesting segment […]

Ronald Reagan is not a friend of the gays

Ever since President Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis released her letter arguing that her father would have been pro-LGBT, speculation on Reagan’s LGBT leanings have been rampant. Liberal blogs and websites immediately took the headline and ran with it, claiming that Reagan, the conservative icon, had seen the light and come to join the good guys. […]

Maryland teenager becomes first openly gay Eagle Scout

Maryland teenager Pascal Tessier has made Boy Scout history by being the first openly gay teenager to achieve Eagle Scout. He accepted the badge Monday night and is the first documented gay Eagle Scout since the Boy Scouts of America lifted their ban on gay members last May. The acceptance is bittersweet for Tessier. “It’s […]

Scotland 17th country to legalize gay marriage

Scottish Parliament passed the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill last Tuesday by an overwhelming majority (105 in favor, 18 against), making it the 17th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. All that remains is the implementation of the bill, and same-sex marriages are expected to begin later this year. Ceremonies were originally anticipated […]

Kenneth Mehlman, Republican ally of equal rights

Though they may appear to be nonexistent, there are a slew of Republican supporters for equality. And while we continue to fight for equal rights in the LGBTQ community, it’s important to remember that full equality will only come when people in both parties come to accept us. That might not be for years and […]