How Ken Mehlman got Obama onboard with gay marriage

Jo Becker’s long awaited historical account on the legal gay marriage is out, and it has certainly proven controversial and splashy. An investigative journalist inserted in top level political sessions concerning the issue, her book “Forcing The Spring” covers the legal and political workings behind the curtain from Prop 8 onwards. A particularly interesting segment […]

Ronald Reagan is not a friend of the gays

Ever since President Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis released her letter arguing that her father would have been pro-LGBT, speculation on Reagan’s LGBT leanings have been rampant. Liberal blogs and websites immediately took the headline and ran with it, claiming that Reagan, the conservative icon, had seen the light and come to join the good guys. […]

Same sex marriage is still waiting on Michigan

I’m happy to say that marriage equality is gaining actual legal traction, and thankfully general public opinion has followed suit. But great as they are, the recent wins signal more of a halfway point than a conclusion. There are plenty of regions that still have legal obstacles in place for same sex marriages, even if […]