Spain is the most LGBT friendly nation out of 40 surveyed

A global poll taken on morality by the Pew Research Center has found that among the 40 countries surveyed, Spain tops the list for being the most culturally accepting of homosexuality and other LGBT lifestyles. Surveyed individuals were questioned on whether they found homosexuality to be “morally acceptable”, “morally unacceptable” or “not moral issue”.

55% of surveyed Spanish participants declared homosexuality “morally acceptable”, while 38% stated it was “not a moral issue”. Only 8% found it to be “morally unacceptable”. 55% doesn’t sound like much, but it’s positively utopian compared to the United States where only 23% found it homosexuality to be acceptable. 35% declared moral neutrality and 37% found it to be immoral. It was declared the third most immoral act included in the survey under abortion and cheating, though cheating won by a huge margin. Though both legal and cultural conditions in the US continue to improve for LGBT individuals, we clearly have a long way to go in comparison to other countries.

But things could be worse. Ghana and Russia topped the list for LGBT hostility, where homosexuality was deemed immoral by 92% and 72% of survey participants respectively. The Pew Research Center is a well established institute for conducting global surveys, and you can see additional results of this particular study here.


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