No Facebook, Hobby Lobby is not closing

The Hobby Lobby v Sebelius Supreme Court case has seen some unintended side effects for the arts and crafts giant. For those unaware, Hobby Lobby is currently objecting to the Affordable Care Act, citing that due to the religious beliefs of the business owners the requirement to provide certain type of abortive contraception is a violation of their religious freedoms.

As with any notable event involving religion, the case has raised significant controversy but at some point during the online discussion a rumor developed on conservative blogs that Hobby Lobby intended to close most or all of its stores. The rumor caught fire, and social media channels were ablaze for weeks on Hobby Lobby’s demise though much of it was overshadowed by the amicus brief arms race in which the Hobby Lobby supporters came out ahead in raw numbers.

Image courtesy of flickrcc

Fans of homemade crafts can rest easy, as Hobby Lobby recently released a press release staunchly denying the rumors of closure. To the contrary, they are opening 70 new locations in the US by the end of 2014 (unrelated but according to the press release, Hobby Lobby employees get paid $14/hr. Time to quit my job). Many believe that Hobby Lobby v Sebelius could become a landmark case drawing the boundary of religious expression for business entities, and if you want to tune in keep an eye out for the oral arguments which have been scheduled on March 25th.


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