Rainbows over Sochi

One Blessed Fool's Way to Happiness

So I watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics today – and applauded Thomas Bach, IOC President, for the courage and strength of his statement. The basics of his message were these: The Olympic games are about diversity and about building bridges, about friendship and mutual respect; they exist to support a growth of understanding and tolerance between all participants and their nations. No form of discrimination has a place in this event.

And rainbows were visible in the ceremony today.

The German team outfits… Yes, maybe not the greatest design achievement – but a loud and clear statement nonetheless. 


And I was stunned to see the Russian-designed outfits of the volunteers that also feature all the colours of the rainbow. Rather strange, that.


I spent the whole time I was watching the ceremony wondering what went on behind the scenes during the building and planning phase, what political…

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