Stop with the Chris Christie Nonsense

The Daily Paige

Can someone, anyone please explain to me what is the point in all the obsessing over Chris Christie going on?  Cable news is even more unbearable than usual.   Yes, I know, bridgegate, scandal, bla bla bla.  Yes, it was definitely a stupid, petty move on his (or his office’s, whatever) behalf.  But would anyone honestly care if he wasn’t supposedly a serious contender for 2016?  No.  Just no.  No one would care if, oh I don’t know, Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington had closed down lanes on a bridge as political retribution. (And yes, I had to look up who the governor of Washington was.  You know why?  Because no one’s talking about him running for president in 2016.  No one would care about lane closures in Washington.)

All this would not be so absurd, though, if not for one thing: It is very, very unlikely that Christie is…

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