60,000 U.S. military veterans are homeless

This is a depressing issue that has gone on way to long. It affects one of the demographics that least deserves it.

Fellowship of the Minds

homeless veterans

There is an epidemic of homelessness and joblessness among our military veterans. Shameful!

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports (via military.com), Jan. 6, 2014, that as of January 2012, more than 60,000 veterans were homeless, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Reducing that number supposedly is a priority for the Obama administration. Although the number of homeless veterans dropped 24% nationwide from 2009 to 2013, Pennsylvania is an exception where the number actually increased 46%, to more than 1,400.

Our veterans’ homelessness is partly because of joblessness. A monthly lunch in Washington, D.C. attracts about 200 veterans. After they eat, the men and women who are unemployed stand up one by one to recite their service records, hoping someone else in the room will hire them. Many are highly accomplished.

Retired Air Force Col. Robert Freniere

One of the homeless and jobless veterans is 59-year-old Robert Freniere, a former colonel in the U.S. Air Force who…

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