Kenneth Mehlman, Republican ally of equal rights

Ken Mehlman, Kenneth Mehlman, KKR

Kenneth Mehlman of KKR interview ©Talk News Radio Service

Though they may appear to be nonexistent, there are a slew of Republican supporters for equality. And while we continue to fight for equal rights in the LGBTQ community, it’s important to remember that full equality will only come when people in both parties come to accept us. That might not be for years and years, but it’s still comforting to know a few Republicans are on our side. And ultimately it will be THOSE players who convince their party to reverse their policies.

Most people remember Kenneth Mehlman as the high-profile Republican under George W. Bush who famously came out as gay in August 2010. While not many people were reported as being surprised, it was still a turning point in the struggle for equal rights. For the first time, there was a powerful conservative leader in the GOP who was gay–and making the case for his party to embrace LGBTQ rights.

gay rights, equality, pride

I was born this way. ©Guillaume Paumier

More information on Kenneth Mehlman can be found here:

Kenneth Mehlman vs. Reince Priebus on gay marriage

Kenneth Mehlman’s gay marriage mission

Regardless of whether or not you believe Ken was wrong for coming out after supporting anti-gay legislation, having high-profile allies is still a huge deal! AND a Republican one at that, too! Coming out is a very personal life event, and as a loving, all-accepting community, we should be proud of someone who has acknowledged and accepted this side of himself/herself. Congrats, Kenneth Mehlman!

Gay Pride, Kenneth Mehlman

Congrats, Kenneth Mehlman! ©Guillaume Paumier


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